This is my first 10k run

Follow our beginner 10k training plan if this is your first 10k or you’re new to running. The plan includes walk/run sessions to get you started and will make your 10k run memorable for all the right reasons.

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I want to beat my best time

Use our intermediate 10k training plan if you’ve run a 10k before and want to improve your time. This plan is full of training tips to ensure you reach race day at your peak.

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Join runners winding their way through Central London together. As well as seeing some of London's top landmarks, you'll also run past the True Geographical Centre of London, down closed Regent Street, the Strand and Embankment, and get the best view across the river of the London Eye. The route map for ASICS London 10K 2022 will be revealed in the months leading up to race day.

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Everyday nutrition

The three cornerstones to being a better runner are training, rest and nutrition. Your fitness will build if you get these elements balanced and consistent. Our simple strapline is: Never hungry, never full.

  • A quality breakfast, lunch and evening meal are crucial
  • Try to graze throughout the day – snacks play a vital role in avoiding feeling hungry
  • Quality snacks include rice cakes, oat cakes, malt loaf, nuts, seeds and fruit
  • Always eat well on your rest days - your body needs food to recover from training, so don’t compromise recovery by eating less when resting
  • Try to vary foods and timings of meals and snacks before you run to find out what works for you

Nutrition during training and racing

Energy gels can make a huge difference to your performance and energy during long runs. Follow these tips to keep fuelled while you work hard:

  • Eat a meal 2-3 hours before your run
  • Only run before breakfast if it’s an easy run and no longer than 45-60 minutes

Our top tip is to find what works for you, stick to it and make sure you always feel comfortable

Nutrition after running

Nutrition immediately after training has been proven to boost recovery rates and make the athlete stronger. The tips below will keep you healthy after training hard:

  • Taking on sustenance is crucial in the minutes after a run
  • If you’re not planning to finish your long run at home, make sure you take an energy drink/recovery shake with you
  • Make sure the recovery sports drink or shake has good amounts of both carbohydrate and protein. Ideally this type of running recovery drink will include 2:1 or 4:1 carbohydrate:protein content
  • Aim to eat a healthy balanced meal 60-90 post run

Hydration for every day, training & racing

Every athlete knows hydration is important. Follow these tips to keep hydrated:

  • Water is your best friend, sip it throughout the day
  • Have a large bottle of water on your desk or in your bag
  • Use the colour of your urine as a very rough guide to basic hydration levels (the paler the urine the more hydrated you are)
  • Use hydration tablets when training hard or in the warmer summer months - drop the hydration tablet into a large bottle of water and sip during the day or in the hours before you run
  • Sip sports drinks or water to stay hydrated during longer runs - practice only taking little mouthfuls

Frequently Asked Questions

Training for an event can be stressful on the body even for those who have been running for years. Listening to the warning signs early and acting upon them are important elements to getting the most out of your training. If pain levels when you run are rising beyond a 4 out of 10 then you need to rest and cut back on the training.

If you find that you do need to take a period off running do not give up hope. If possible look to include less weight bearing cross training such as aqua jogging, swimming or elliptical training. These are low impact and can help recovery.

Stretch daily. Look to include running on grass or softer trails. Gently undulating routes are good ways to help manage any build up in soreness. Take additional rest days if needed.

That is disappointing, as we have registered you for the race and paid the registration. You can use the contact us button below to let us know we will cross you off the list of runners.

Yes, but only if they register by 27th June 2022. If you have a friend or colleague that would like to run, please ask them to register via our website, and we will do everything we can to get them a place.

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